Heating Element- HE 90240

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Ecosmart 9Kw 240v Heating Element. 

Stainless Steel is an upgraded version which repels minerals (hard water) that causes damage to elements. These upgraded versions are 100% compatible with all of the units down below. The OEM heating element that comes with the stock unit is copper, which is also for sale on the variants. 

9000 watts at 240 volts heating element for the EcoSmart ECO 18, ECO 27, and ECO 36 tankless water heaters. Also compatible with other manufacturers' heating elements with the same specs, as noted below.
≈ iHeat/Drakken AHS27D, AHS18D, AH27, AH18
≈ Eemax HomeAdvantage HA018240, HA027240, HA036240
≈ Eemax ProAdvantage PR018240, PR027240, PR036240
≈ Eemax EEM24018, EEM24027, EEM24036 (blue color units)
≈ Rheem RTEX-18, RTEX-27, RTEX-36
≈ Rheem RETEX-18, RETEX-27, RETEX-36
≈ Richmond RMTEX-18, RMTEX-27, RMTEX-36


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• Gasket-type O-Ring included
• Voltage rating: 220 to 240 Volts
• Power rating is 9000 Watts at 240V
• Plug type: Screw-in
• Sheath material: Copper
• Density is for high wattage
• Length of the copper anode element material: 13.0 inches (NOT including the brass threads)
• Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 13 7/16 inches (including the brass threads)
• Length of the entire item, from the screws at bottom of plastic plug to the end of element "U" turn: 14 3/16 inches
• Weight of item not including packaging: 15.2 ounces
• Certifications and approvals: UL, CSA