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Ecosmart Parts Bundle 18Kw-36Kw

Ecosmart Parts Bundle 18Kw-36Kw

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This purchase is ideal for those who aim to proactively address potential issues with their unit and for those seeking to replace major components at a discounted rate. Bundle Pack Includes | Heating Element, Flow Sensor Assembly, Thermistor set & Control Board.

Part Numbers Included

Ecosmart | CB QC MEDLRG + THRM QC Med/LRG + FSA QC Med/Lrg + HE90240

Eemax  & Rheem | HA-P025 + HA-P022 + HA-P046 +HA-P005

Installation + Troubleshooting Videos

Not sure your flow sensor is the problem?
Flow Sensor Troubleshooting Link

Want to learn how to professionally install the part? 
Step by Step Control Board Replacement
How to install your Flow Sensor Link

Compatible With

≈ Ecosmart Eco18, Eco27 & Eco36
≈ iHeat/Drakken AHS27D, AHS18D, AH27, AH18
≈ Eemax HomeAdvantage HA018240, HA027240, HA036240
≈ Eemax ProAdvantage PR018240, PR027240, PR036240
≈ Eemax EEM24018, EEM24027, EEM24036 (blue color units)
≈ Rheem RTEX-18, RTEX-27, RTEX-36
≈ Rheem RETEX-18, RETEX-27, RETEX-36
≈ Richmond RMTEX-18, RMTEX-27, RMTEX-36

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